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The Japanese Academy of Prosthetists and Orthotists (JAPO) was founded in May, 1993, as a professional organization consisted by national licensed prosthetists and orthotists. The mission of JAPO is to contribute to the welfare of handicapped, and towards medical and healthcare development. In addition, its aim is to fulfill our social responsibility by promoting scientific and educational attainments in the discipline of prosthetics and orthotics.


In the 1970’s when the rehabilitation medicine developed in Japan, related organizations such as The Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, The Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and Japanese Orthotic and Prosthetic Association started to work together on the establishment of the common license system for prosthetists and orhotists(P&O). Although there were a few national facilities which accepted a small number of P&O technicians for training, there were no systematic P&O education programs available in Japan. However, there were several P&O private companies and organizations, which facilitated workshops under their apprenticeship system.
  On the other hand, the development of rehabilitation medicine, orthopedics and related health care fields had been conspicuous, and demand for P&O education was increasing. In 1983, the first Japanese P&O educational program started in The College of The National Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled. This 3-year program became the base of P&O education in Japan. However, it took another 6 years to establish the Law of Prosthetists and Orthotists.

About the Law of Prosthetists and Orthotists

Under the Law of Prosthetists and Orthotists, the national license is given once a year to the candidates who passed the examination and graduated from fully accredited colleges. Table 1 shows the number of approved facilities in Japan. This year, the 27th national examination was held in Tokyo. The total number of candidates who have passed the examination so far is 4,287.

Name Year of Approval Capacity Program
The College of National Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled 1988 10 3 years (Diploma)
Japan College of Rehabilitation and Welfare Professionals 1988 30 3 years (Diploma)
Kumamoto College of Medical Science and Social Welfare 1989 25 3 years (Diploma)
Kobe College of Medical Welfare Sanda Campus 1997 30 3 years (Diploma)
Seibu Gakuen Bunri College of Nutrition and Medical Technology 2005 28 3 years (Diploma)
Hokkaido High-Technology College 2006 30 3 years (Diploma)
Hokkaido Institute of Technology 2006 30 4 years (Bachelor)
Niigata University of Health and Welfare 2007 40 4 years (Bachelor)
Kobe College of Medical Welfare Sanda Campus 2008 30 4 years (Advanced Diploma)
University of Human Arts and Sciences 2011 30 4 years (Bachelor)

Table 1 Approved Facilities in Japan

Structural diagram

5 regional chapters and 9 committees are organized to run the Academy. Fig. 1 shows its structure.


Fig.1 JAPO Structural Diagram


JAPO provides information and holds educational events to the members through scientific meetings, seminars, and journals.


2014 Education Calendar

July 5.-6.  Annual Scientific Meeting

       The 21st Scientific Meeting of JAPO in Kanazawa

Aug. 7.    Southern Chapter

       Get Familiar with Materials. "Metals"

Sep.13.    Northern Chapter (Northeastern Region)

       Intractable Decubitus and a Prosthetist and Orthotist.

Oct.5.    Western Chapter

       Friendly Clinic for Research Methodology

Nov.1.    Eastern Chapter

       Hand on Seminar on an Ischial Containment Socket Part 6.
       "To Master Accurate Knowledge and Techniques."

Nov.15.    Northern Chapter

       Understanding Multidisciplinary Team Approach. 1st session
       "The role of a prosthetist and orthotist in designing and evaluation for a disorder.
       Discussion on an optimal angle setting for a hemiplesia"

Nov 29.    Central Chapter

       Seminar on Spinal Cord Injuries. "From Evaluation of Functional Deficit to Walking Again"


Feb. 1.   Southern Chapter

       Learn from Masters! Casting and Measuring Method for Foot Orthoses

Feb.15.   Western Chapter

       Basic Knowledge for Lower Limb Orthoses for Hemiplegia.
        "Understanding electromyogram and its clinical application."

Date: Not yet announced.

       Northern Chapter Case and Technical Report meeting


-The Journal of JAPO has been published quarterly.   

Social Activities

-Cooperation with related organizations in the field of health care and medicine.

International Relationships


Membership Statistics

4,287 candidates have passed the national examination as of April 1, 2013. The Academy Membership Statistics is summarized in Table 2.

Type of membership Number
Regular 1916
Subscribe 87
Supporting 35
Student 866
Honorary 1

Table 2. Membership Statistics


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  E-mail: info@japo.jp
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